110 Lagu Ballad Korea Recommended (Update) (160 songs)


   Annyeonghasseyo yeorobeunnie^^ saya kembali dengan playlist lagu Ballad Korea. Buat yang hobbynya denger lagu mellow, atau boleh disebut juga lagu galau coba aja di check siapa tau lagu ini bisa mewakili perasaan hati *alah* wkwk. Karena biasanya saya dengar semua lagunya kemudian saya menangis dan merasa lega. Beberapa ada yang recommended dari teman ataupun beberapa review di mbah gugel. Beberapa lagi adalah lagu yang memang saya sukai dari awal^^ let’s check it out J

  1. Yesung – It Has To Be You *totally recommended!
  2. Yesung – Waiting For You
  3. Yesung – Just For One Day
  4. Yesung Kyuhyun – Your Eyes
  5. Yesung Jang Hyejin – I’m Behind You *totally recommended!
  6. Yesung Luna – And I Love You *totally recommended!
  7. Kyuhyun – If It Was Me
  8. Kyuhyun – 7 Years Of Love *totally recommended!
  9. Kyuhyun – How To Break Up *totally recommended!
  10. Kyuhyun – Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleep
  11. Super Junior – Dead At Heart *totally recommended!
  12. Super Junior – Memories *totally recommended!
  13. Super Junior KRY – Coagulation *totally recommended!
  14. KRY – Let’s Not *totally recommended!
  15. KRY ft Sungmin – What If
  16. KRY – Han Sarammeul (The One I Love)
  17. Super Junior – Mr. Simple Ballad Version
  18. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Answer *totally recommended!
  19. Super Junior – It Is You *totally recommended!
  20. Yesung – Love Really Hurts *totally recommended!
  21. Super Junior – Y *totally recommended!
  22. Super Junior – Reset
  23. Super Junior – She’s Gone *totally recommended!
  24. Super Junior – In My Dream *totally recommended!
  25. Super Junior – Heartquake *totally recommended!
  26. Super Junior – My Love My Kiss My Heart
  27. Super Junior – Storm
  28. Yesung – Painfully Love You
  29. Yesung Ryeowook – Sajinul Bo
  30. Yesung – Resignation
  31. Yesung – Polaris
  32. Yesung – Saranghargge
  33. Yesung – Annyeongirago malhajima
  34. Yesung – Jayuroke Nal Suduro
  35. Yesung Kyuhyun – Gaseum Ahpado
  36. Yesung (actually he’s just covered this song but he’s version so damn good) (immortal song 2) – The More I Love *totally recommended!
  37. Super Junior – Way
  38. Ailee – Heaven *totally recommended!
  39. Luna ft Krystal – Hard But Easy
  40. Luna ft Krystal – Sorry (dear Daddy)
  41. Luna ft Krystal – You’re My Destiny
  42. F(x) – Spread it Wings
  43. Luna ft Krystal – Burreoboonda (Calling Out) *totally recommended!
  44. Krystal – Because Of Me
  45. CSJH – My Everything
  46. DBSK ft Kyuhyun Ryeowook – Wish (sowon) *totally recommended!
  47. DBSK – Don’t Say Goodbye *totally recommended!
  48. DBSK – Before You Go *totally recommended!
  49. Kim Jaejoong – I’ll Protect You
  50. DBSK – Why Did I Fall In Love With You *totally recommended!
  51. JYJ – Found You
  52. JYJ – With You Always
  53. SHINee – Quasimodo *totally recommended!
  54. SHINee – Life *totally recommended!
  55. SHINee – In My Room
  56. Onew – The Name I Loved
  57. Jonghyun Onew – Please Don’t Go
  58. Onew ft Jessica – One Year Later
  59. SHINee – Love’s Way
  60. Jonghyun – So Goodbye
  61. SHINee – Romantic *totally recommended!
  62. Bigbang – Haru Haru *totally recommended!
  63. Bigbang – Tell Me Goodbye
  64. TaeTiSeo – Baby Steps *totally recommended!
  65. SNSD – Time Machine
  66. Taeyeon – If
  67. Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me
  68. Taeyeon ft The One – Like A Star
  69. Seohyun – It’s Okay Even It’s Hurt
  70. Tiffany – Ring (ost. Haru)
  71. SNSD – Forever
  72. SM The Ballad – Hot Times
  73. SM The Ballad – Really Miss You *totally recommended!
  74. SM The Ballad – Another Day *totally recommended!
  75. SM The Ballad – Love Again
  76. Smtown – Dear My Family
  77. Smtown – Only Love
  78. EXO K/M – What Is Love
  79. EXO K/M – Angel (into Your World) *totally recommended! *this is a ballad song, but it’s not full of tears XD so i recommend this for you all.
  80. CSJH ft Kyuhyun – Just For One Day *totally recommended!
  81. Trax – Blind *totally recommended!
  82. K.Will – Can’t Open My Eyes
  83. K.Will – Dropping Tears
  84. K.Will – Love Is Punishment *totally recommended!
  85. K.Will – I Hate My Self *totally recommended!
  86. Se7en – When I Can’t Sing
  87. Huh Gak – I Told You I Wanna Die *totally recommended!
  88. IU – Mia
  89. IU – The Story I Didn’t Know
  90. Kim Bum So – Waiting
  91. Yim Jae Bum – Love
  92. U-Kiss – 0330
  93. 2AM – Confession Of A Friend
  94. 2AM –I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die
  95. Park Bom – Don’t Cry
  96. 2NE1 – It’s Hurt
  97. 2NE1 – Lonely
  98. CoEd – I Love You A Thousand Times
  99. JYP – If
  100. MBLAQ – It’s War
  101. Wonder Girls – Saying I Love You
  102. Kim Bum So – Last Love
  103. Shin Jae – Falling Tears
  104. Park Hyo Sin – Babo
  105. B2st – Fiction
  106. 4Minute – Goodbye
  107. Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye
  108. Davichi – A Sad Love Song
  109. Yoseob – Cherish That Person
  110. Gain (brown eyed girls) – For You Not To Know


  1. EXO K/M: Baby Don’t Cry *totally recommended! *I REALLY NEED FULL RECORD OF THIS SONG ADGYGSIHUGF!! GOSH SMENT! PLEASE I NEED THIS SONG! why did this song is just being a teaser song? -_- huffttt i waited this song in MAMA album, but -_-
  2. Do Kyungsoo (My baby ❤ *eh wkwk) ft Ryeowook SJ: Missing You. *totally recommended! SMENTT!! I NEED STUDIO VERSION!! WITHOUT CLAPS AND SCREAM SOUND! asdfghdhisc. Damn, Dio voice is just like a heaven ><
  3.  (EXO’s Kai teaser’s song) (Sung by D.O): My Lady. OMG! D.O i wait you in immortal song baby >< and again, i regret with SMent-_- Full version pleaseeeeeeeeeee.
  4. Kangta ft Taeyeon: 7989. asdfghjkl, a soft ballad song. *totally recommended! haha i fell in love with this song, when i hear Sulli’s voice in SMTown live in Madison Square Garden. how cute she is 🙂
  5. KRY (to the beautiful you ost.): SKY, *totally recommended! Yesung’s voice aw awwww awwww!!
  6. DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki: Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara, *totally recommended! i almost cryin everytime i hear this song!
  7. DBSK: Love In The Ice, *totally recommended! huaaaaaaa so sad ><
  8. DBSK: Waserunaide, *totally recommended!
  9. DBSK: Toki Wo Tomete, *totally recommended!
  10. F(x): So Into U, *totally recommended!
  11. BoA: Only One, i guess mostly K-Popers will know about this song right? kkk~ Yeah BoA unnir has been a top chart this year, a ballad dance song and the COUPLE DANCE! EunhyukTaeminLuhanYunhoSehun well –v
  12. DBSK: Forgotten Season
  13. Kangta: For The First Time, an english song from ahjussi. Included in SMtown Winter Album 2011 🙂 *totally recommended!
  14. Kangta: Persona, one of Kangta’s song who usually shown in SMtown Concert
  15. SMtown’s all lead vocal: Dear My Family, *totally recommended! how awesome ChangminYesungTaeyeonLunaJonghyunD.OChenLuhanKangtaBoA 🙂
  16. SJ: DayDream, *totally recommended! this is my favourite song from 6jib, same with Shindong oppa 🙂
  17. SJ: From U, KRY voice >< and cute Teukie’s English and EunHae’s rapp 🙂
  18. Xia Junsu: I Don’t Like Love, *totally recommended! reminds me with Anisa’s expression when the first time she heard this song kkk~ she almost cried. 🙂
  19. 4men: Baby Baby, this is a good song seriously! Jonghyun ever covered this song, also one of my bias in EXO-M Chen someone with a beautiful voice kkk~
  20. Taeyeon: Closer, (to the beautiful you ost.) A GOOD SONG SERIOUSLY!! 😀
  21. Onew: Your Eyes, (to the beautifurl you ost.) totally recommended!! geez i guess this song is the most played song in ttby right? Onew’s voice, it’s really easy to initialized his voice kkk daebak dubu! 🙂

And this from your review 🙂

  1. B1A4: Only One
  2. JaeJoong: For You Its Separation For Me Its Waiting
  3. Brown Eyes – don’t go don’t go
  4. Brown Eyed Soul: My Everything
  5. Brown Eyed Soul: Promise You
  6. Brown Eyed Soul: Nothing Better
  7. U Kiss: Take Me Away
  8. IU: Morning tears
  9. IU: Riding On A Train
  10. IU: Dreaming
  11. IU: Really Hate You
  12. SHINee: The Reason
  13. SHINee: One
  14. Dbsk: bolero
  15. DBSK:how can i
  16. DBSK: begin
  17. DBSK: my destiny
  18. DBSK: insa
  19. lyn: back in time
  20. Xia Junsu: Rainy Night
  21. Infinite: Fix Star
  22. Infinite: Only Tears *totally recommended!
  23. FT Island:I’m A Foolish Person
  24. 2AM:You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
  25. JYJ – in heaven, Reply for @Muhammad Rizky, did you mean JYJ right? i’m sorry, i forgot to add this song in list kk. In Heaven also one of a good recommended ballad song 🙂
  26. snsd-tears
  27. snsd-dear mom
  28. Davichi ft T-Ara: We were in love, reminds me with Hwayoung unnir T.T
  29. B1A4: Only Learned The Bad Thing

Nah sekian, bakal update soon kok kalo ada yang lebih baru lagi. Oiya chingudeul kalau punya resensi bagus comment aja ya^^ ntar bisa sharing bareng J

Kenapa banyak lagu Super Junior, terutama KRY+Yesung? Karena saya adalah seorang ELF, terlebih Clouds. Makanya saya memasang foto Yesung J menurut saya suara dia benar benar ‘art of voice’ sesuai dengan name stage nya :3 suaranya yang serak merdu menembus sampai hati saya. (?) dia resmi menjadi suami impian saya^^ tinggal menunggu dia jadi suami nyata saya *plak* *dilempar batu* coba deh, suara abang Yesung itu reccomended banget dari saya :3

Yesungdahlah sekian dari saya, paypay :3 leave a comment please J gumawo^^

And by the way D.O you make me crazy with your angel voice! naui sesangurooooooo *plak wkwkw–v ChenLuhan also ❤ what a beautiful voice ❤

and should i change the tittle of this post? i think ‘160 Lagu Ballad Korea Recommended’ will be a good tittle kkk~

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85 thoughts on “110 Lagu Ballad Korea Recommended (Update) (160 songs)

  1. Makasi ya listny, ngebantu bgt ^^

  2. iya, suara Yesung emang dewa hehhehe
    btw lagunya B1A4 yang ‘Only One’ bagus juga tuh..
    trus lagunya JaeJoong yang For You Its Separation For Me Its Waiting oke juga. hehehe cuman sarann aja sih

    makasih udah shariing yaa =D

    • iya banget yesung!
      ah only one aku juga suka belom kecantumin nih lupa keke
      jaejoong? wah aku ga apdet yah padahal suka jeje–v gumawo infonya nanti aku cari 🙂
      iya makasih udah sharing balik^^

  3. LeeMeeHyun

    seSUJU deh klo suara yeung oppa emg bner* bkin pingsan ! 😀
    lagu SM the ballad yg Miss you jugga bagus Chinguu..

  4. stillTOP'smyminenoother

    lagu” nya baek ji young juga bkin galau chingu ^^

  5. ny lee

    min msih ada..brown eyes – don’t go don’t go,semua lagu dari brown eyed soul,my everything,promise you,nothing better dll,u kiss take me away, masihh banyakkkk kagi.. hihi

  6. brb langsing download list lagunya yeppa :9

  7. kim Meina

    Author…makasih buat listnya 😀 , ngebantu ɑ̤̈ĸƲ banget karna belum lama ini ɑ̤̈ĸƲ lagi tergila-gila ma film ma lagu yg berbau korea 🙂
    Buat author skali lagi makasih ya :*

  8. mrs. Lee

    lagunya IU banyak chingu..
    Morning tears, riding on a train, dreaming, really hate you, byk deh..
    Trus shinee yg the reason, one,

  9. kyj150198

    Min ad lg nih. Dbsk: bolero, how can i, begin, wasurenaide, love in the ice, my destiny, insa, toki wo tomete

    lyn: back in time

    Shinee: romantic

  10. joani

    DBSK kiss shita mama sayonara jga menyayat hati, xiah junsu rainy night,

  11. Yudith Kirana Lestari

    Ngebantu euy :3
    Ada juga tuh lagunya infinite,fix star & only tears,wah itu lagu dua bener2 bikin galau -w-
    Aku bisa dibilang new reader tapi engga juga sih,beberapa bulan yang lalu udah nyelonong(?) Kesini buat baca a miracle in our life and now i comeback(?) For read the best nightmare*ketauan yadongernya deh/.\* oke intinya salam kenal ya chingu-yaaa :3

  12. krestyseunghyunsarangt

    gomawooo .. membantu bgt ..

  13. V.I.P willy

    wah bagus2

    di tgg update lagu2nya nuna…

  14. everlasting

    khamsahamnida chingu… 🙂 aku lagi suka banget nih dengerin lagu-lagu ballad…

    berhubung aku ELF, ku share lagu-lagunya suju yaaa semoga membantu 😀
    suju-believe, suju kry-storm, suju-only u, suju-haru, suju-believe, kyuhyun-listen to you (pasta ost), suju kry-sky(to the beautiful you ost), suju kry-just you

    ada juga lagunya SNSD-baby baby, FT Island- I’m A Foolish Person, 2AM-You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls…

    masih banyak lagiiii… ^_^

  15. Reblogged this on My Scribbles.

  16. Ehhh itu JYP – in heaven kok gak masuk?

  17. Gomawo… 😀

  18. adzi

    snsd-tears, snsd-dear mom,, 🙂

  19. lagunya davinchi feat t-ara yang “we were in love” juga bgus chingu

  20. Taeyeon – Closer Ballad dan Bagus juga tuh ;)) balas ya

  21. inoeriyuzha

    lgunya B1A4 yg only learned bad things tu jga bgus lho,….. oiya…. emank bnyak lgu SuJu yg klo d dngerin pas lgy sndiri’n bsa bkin qta trbawa suasana,,,, n bsa nngis jga lho…….
    SuJu yg Daydream tu jga bgus lho….. d tunggu updatex ya….. gomawo……

  22. zuzizu

    TaeTiSeo – Love Sick bagus bgt lho

  23. tambahin KRY – Promise You coba’-‘)/ meski belom ada fullnya tapi sumpah short versnya aja udah buat saya nangis sampe danau sebelah penuh(?) wkwk

  24. Waaahh!! Lagu.a bener bagus” smuaa 😀 wkwk

    berhubung saiia ELF *ngutip kata-kata diatas:D* duh itu benran kren” bgt lagu SJ oppadeul.a..

    Berhubung saiia S<3NE, lagu snsd.a bnyak yg ballad".. Such as I love you-taeyeon, missing you like crazy-taeyeon, finally now-sunny, by my self-tiffany, because it's you-tiffany, and so many else! 🙂 lagu yg mreka nyanyiin breng jga bnyak.. Saiia suka banget yg forever *gadaygnanya -_____-

    berhubung saiia exotics/exostan, saiia mau ngangguk setuju ama chingu.. Baby don't keraaaaay itu emg enak bgt lagu.a tapi msih jdi teaser T.T kyaa, exo kapan kambek??! #curhat
    naui sesangeurooooo~~ iya seriusan bgt ni lagu kren! Ballad, arti keren, tp ga mewek!
    Betewe, kalo chingu suka suara D.o, Luhan, dan Chen, apakabar dg Bebek? *plak* maksudnya Baekhyun.. Ga suka kah suara dy? 😮 #pundung *nape jadi gue yg pundung -,-"

    buat lagu ballad lain yg bagus juga ada because it's you-davichi, can you hear me-lee seung chul, don't leave-t-ara, i can't-mi, here i am-4men feat. Mi, dan msih bnyak lagi ^^

    maap yaa saiia cerewet, emg kebiasaan begini, nyerocos aja kaya bebek 😀 *dicerai baekhyun

    dg bgitu saiia akhiri pidato kali ini, wassalam~

  25. suliz tiwie

    bagus banget ..
    mkasih ya atas infonya ..

  26. Yudi "Didi"

    wah ane banyak banget lagu mellow..
    Banmal Song (YongSeo couple)
    SNSD Promise, Mistake
    SNSD Jessica Tears Are Overflowing
    Jessica & Onew One Year Latter
    Taeyeon Ft Sunny It’s Love
    JungYeop Nothing Better
    Seohyun & Yoon Gun Don’t Say No
    Sung Si Kyung & IU It’s You
    G.O (MBLAQ) Even In My Dream
    Byul I think I Love You
    IU Peach
    BEAST When I Miss You
    G.NA I Miss You Already, Without You
    2AM This Song, You Wouldn’t Answer My Call
    CN BLUE Love Light (Sarangbit)
    Hi.ni I Wanna See you
    K.Will & Tiffany SNSD Girl, Meets Love
    etc dah..

  27. nikkmagnae23

    Super Junior KRY – Promise You
    Enak jg tuh didengerin 🙂

  28. iis

    1. beast-on rainy day
    2. infinite H ft baby soul- crying

  29. abigail

    aku recommend lagunya hi.ni yang legend of tears
    itu lagu bener2 ballad, aku suka banget 😀
    kalo lagu ballad yang bener2 bikin sedih sih menurut aku lagunya kim bum soo, min kyung hoon, sama k.will juaranya

  30. nisayu GorgeousVIP

    mulai download mulai download

  31. annisa

    aku gak tau lagu itu

  32. titakyu haeppa

    Samaa chingu sayaa juga seorang ELF .. *siapa juga yg nanya? Hahaha..
    Aku juga suka lagu ballad,suaranya kyuhyun juga bikin klepek klepek.. =D
    Makasiii listnyaa sangat membantuu playlist sayaa..
    Jeongmal gumawo chingu.. 🙂

  33. Young bin

    Ngungbi mau donlot yg mana dlu –v

  34. Gomawo list ny.. Hehe..
    Lgi nyari lgu2 ballad 😀

  35. JiYoo861015

    terimakasih rekomendasinya 🙂

  36. vendra

    2. CALL ME – LYN
    4. MY ANGEL – FTTS

  37. download nya paling bagus di mana yah??
    lagu huh Gak yg that once person who loved me jga keren lagu” nya 8eight smw nya keren lho …balas yah
    d.tunggu update nya..gomawo..

  38. kyuhyunmyminne

    Gomawo y list nya nge bantu bnget!!

  39. hanarao

    Davichi – secret
    Promise You – KRY
    Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

  40. i’m ELF too eonni, gomawo for that list ^^

  41. super junior daebak. aku cinta banget sama suju. bahkan sampe2 kalo boleh milih pas ada acara suju di tv ato pegi pacaran. aku lebih milih suju. pokoknya cinta bgt. suju itu semangat aku . lagu suju paling sedih nurut aku ttu memories. itu netesin air mata bgt kalo dengerin lagunya. apalage ada mv nya yang ngeliyatin heechul oppa nangis ingat masa2 bersama hangeng oppa, ndehhhh sedih kali …

  42. Jery

    kalau gw rekomendasiin Taeyang – wedding dress, mantep tuh

  43. Kim Noona


  44. nid

    satu lagi min, vixx love letter
    lagunya enak parah, dengerin deh
    #just a suggest’n

  45. Runa

    waaaahhhhh…. list nya membantu banget,, kebetulan aku juga suka banget sama lagu lagu ballad… gomawo list nya,,, ^_^

  46. JunhoNuneo

    Tambahan nih :
    1. 2PM – Hanarete Itemo
    2. 2PM – Suddenly
    3. 2PM – Just For Today
    4. Jang Geun Suk – Can You Hear Me
    5. 4Minute – Goodbye
    6. 2AM – Even If i die, i can’t let you go
    7. 2AM – One Spring Day
    8. 2AM – Reading You
    9. Beast – When I Miss You
    10. Kiss – Because i’m a Girl
    11. Super Junior M – Goodbye My Love
    12. Super Junior – So I
    13. 2PM – I Can’t

  47. BismaEFH

    Tambahin Lagu B1A4 Yang Yesterday soalnya lagunya bagus

  48. Dean

    thx nih atas ” *totally recommended! ” banyak yang bagus 😀

  49. oh ya, saran aku sih lagunya jaejoong yg Healing for my self itu lagunya enak banget. mulai dri detik pertama nadanya nyantai , mulai tengah nadanya penuh penekanan. poko.nya lagu rekomen q itu

  50. sisil

    makasih infonya 🙂
    yang recommended cocok di telingaku 😀
    Oia ,share lagu klasik dengan petikan gitar ceria dong.. kaya lagu kyuhyun di ost.pasta 😀
    gomawo :))

  51. wah, banyak sekali listnya.. saya juga mau nambahin nih. silahkan dicek di sini ya :


    gomawo 😀

  52. Sungilkim

    OST All In Vain tuh enak2… coba download daah.. trus dengeriin..

  53. Cynthia Carolina

    Chingu lgu d.o ft ryeowook missing you emg yg nyanyi spa ne? Coz ak klo mo download lg yg ga fancam susah yg ada bkin mls.. Harap d bls! gamsa ne 🙂

  54. seohyun ukiss yang snowman keren juga lho, suaranya bang seohyun cetar badai ^^

  55. phiee

    elf juga, kyuhyun biased,hehe
    suara kyu juga mendayu, makanya suka, apalagi 7 years of love, smile, inoo juga,
    berhubung sparkyu, so, lagu dia recommended banget,hehe

  56. angeline

    gomawo chingu :’)

  57. Anisa sone

    Chingu, jessica (snsd) yg unstopable tears juga ballad song yg menyentuh juga lho

  58. purieClouds

    gomawo list’y ^^
    suara yesung oppa emang daebakk 😀

  59. Rahma

    annyeong, aku mau ngerekomendasiin lagu ballad nih
    BigBang – Blue
    G-Dragon – That XX *sumpah deh lagu ini liriknya dalem bgt, Ji Yong oppa nyanyiinnya akustik lagi huhuhu
    Jin – Gone *ini kalo liat MV pasti nangis dehhh
    Davichi – The letter.

    hehehe silahkan didengarkannnn^^

  60. mana suara eunjung eonni????
    suaranya bagus kok,,,
    mana mana mana ,,,,,,

    tapi thankss sebelumnya walaupun nggak ada eunjung eonni semuanya masih tetep keeren

  61. Aksha Febryadi

    lagunya T-ara ft Davichi juga bagus…ballad dicampur sama rap

  62. myasara

    Ali- hurt
    Boa – between heaven n hell
    Beast- will you be alright
    Ft island- bad woman
    Ft island- love sick

  63. Ching, exo miracles in december itu lagu ballad lho. nyentuh hati juga 🙂

  64. Gomawo..
    Sumpah lagunya keren-keren… Tapi ada yang kurang lagunya Sandeul sama lee sung gi juga enak bngt kok..

  65. thanks listnya 🙂
    lumayan banyak juga lagunya DBSK/JYJ yang belum aku tau jadi dengan ini bisa puas dengerin suara cetar mereka terutama si xiah 😀

  66. kyusung

    ada yg ketinggalan chingu..
    yesung – gray paper…

  67. eonni lgu bru yesung yang blind atau sm the ballad yg vol 2

  68. eonni lgu yg sm the ballad vol 2 apalagi yg yesung blind

  69. YewookelfLover

    Nambahin dong Min, lagu2 lama Suju yang selalu ada di Playlist gue..
    – Hate you, Love you-
    – So I
    – Destiny (lebih suka yang korea version, karena ada suaranya Yesung, tapi yang japanese juga bagus….)
    – You are the one (chagun chagun)
    – Mirror
    – Andante
    – Our Love

    Trus selain Suju ada:
    – Shin Hyesung – It Would Be Nice If I Were You
    – Shin Hyesung – Same Trough
    – Shin Hyesung – Why Did You Call
    – Lee Ji Hoon & Shin Hye Sung – Inhyeong
    – Kim Dongwan – Handkerchief
    – Junjin – Love Doesn’t Come
    – Shinhwa – Once In A Lifetime
    – Shinhwa – Angel
    – Tim – Saranghamnida
    – Lee Hyun Woo – Because I Love You
    – Jonghyun & Taeyeon – Breath
    – Blind – Yesung

    chen baekhyun~ “really i didn’t know” merinding merinding daah~ 😀

  71. wina

    Makasih ya, postingnya ngebantu ^^

  72. kaihunhandyo

    sm the ballad – breath
    exo – moonlight
    mblaq – cry
    taeyang – eyes nose lips
    beast – will you be alright
    exo – miracles in december
    2pm – suddenly
    jung yonghwa cnblue – because i miss you (ost heartstring)
    cnblue – love in the rain (sarangeun bi reul tago)
    cnblue – blue sky
    daesung bigbang – utautai no ballad
    hyolyn – lonely
    ryeowook – maybe tomorrow (ost the queen’s classroom)

  73. Omaigat!!! XD!
    Jeongmal gomawoyoo chingu!!
    Seneng bngt nih, makin banyak koleksi lagu ballad di laptop!
    ckckck,, 😀

  74. bagus-bagus semua.
    aku pengen yang dbsk hehe

  75. Liliz Cloudsomnia

    waahh postingan’a kereeeenn,, thank you ya.. ^^

  76. wnd

    mau recommend-in lagu balladnya b2st nih thor.
    12.30 yang baru comeback ituloh.
    asli galau dan aku blm bosen2 dengerinnya sampe skrg.
    tentang cowo yg merasa cewenya berubah dan merasa mereka sekarang udh kaya jarum jam yang menunjukan waktu 12.30 yang saling berlawanan~ ah suka bgt sama suaranya yoseob disitu, semoga bermanfaat ^^

  77. luhan

    Beast- When I miss you
    Beast-On Rainy Day
    Beast- Midnight
    Big Bang-Koewokikasete
    Please hear these songs :). There are the best

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